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I think that my first photographic inspiration took place during a trip to "Machu Picchu" when I just turned 17 years old.  I remembered borrowing my father's camera which got damaged on the first day after a rainy day and I ended up buying a disposable "Kodak" to get me through the trip.  Since then,  it has been the perfect opportunity to practice the art of observation while trying to train the eye in preparation for that special moment to get the shoot.  After acquiring my first dslr camera, I decided to study  for the first time photography and I started experimenting with light and shadow letting my creativity take its course intuitively. After a period of trial and error, with total conviction, I realized that photography was my passion and true vocation.  Upon discovering the masterpieces of great photographers like Avedon, Newton, Testino and Meise, my photography found its place in the industry of fashion and beauty.  My life is now a never-ending  creative process that  I enjoy to the fullest.